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Highchair Seat Cover (Safari)

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Tiny Dots Wonder Highchair Seat Cover is specifically designed to fit the IKEA ANTILOP Highchair with ease. As most F&B establishments in Singapore use IKEA ANTILOP Highchairs, we’ve researched and developed this with the idea of giving parents and caregivers (and restaurant staff) a peace of mind and more enjoyment when dining out with their tiny dots.


With our intelligent design construction using waterproof and stain-resistant fabric, there is a protective layer that eliminates contact with the chair, providing your tiny dots with more protection from germs and dirt. The cover also comes with a pouch that is sewn to it – you won’t need to worry about losing the pouch or finding another bag to keep it.


Now you can fret less over the issue of how clean the outside highchairs are and wasting many pieces of wet wipes on the highchair. By keeping the highchair clean, we are also doing our little part for the next user.


Simply wipe down, scrunch up, pack it into the pouch and throw it into your bag.


We created this product to dine out with ease with your tiny dots, but this can also be used for home too!


Available in six designs.

  1. Horsing around with TDW
  2. Blush brush strokes
  3. Neutral brush strokes
  4. Teal streaks
  5. Dinosaur adventure
  6. Safari


Recommended age: 6 months and above



  • One person can do it all
  • Most areas that your tiny dots are in contact with are covered
  • Fits IKEA ANTILOP Highchair perfectly
  • Adjustable straps to secure to a wide range of highchairs, other than IKEA ANTILOP Highchair
  • Also fits supermarket trolleys
  • Compact and lightweight construction that takes up less space in bags
  • Cooling material that doesn’t cling to the body
  • Easy mess-free clean up with water and dirt resistant material
  • Kinder to the environment and more savings – use lesser wet wipes for wipe downs
  • Machine washable


How to use:

Simply pull the cover over the highchair and clip the clasps and Velcro strap the four sides to secure the cover to the highchair.

When you’re done, remove the cover by pulling up. Give a shake and wipe, but be sure not to litter! And you can use it again till you find that it needs to go into the wash.


Material: 100% Polyester




Pouch Dimensions:


Cleaning instructions:

Machine wash on the gentle cycle for a deeper clean. While you can throw it into your dryer, we prefer hanging it dry for a longer product lifespan. Do not use chlorine bleach.


Child safety Information:

Please remember that our product is not a restraint and your tiny dots must be harnessed correctly according to the safety instructions of your highchair and should never be left unattended.


Delivery & Returns:

Orders placed before 3pm from Monday to Friday will be dispatched the next working day. For same day delivery and international queries, please contact hello@tinydotswonder.com.