Zecchino d’Oro

Walking. That’s magic!

This is the story of the magical hands of a young shoemaker who created something which did not exist before to support the youngest towards their first big goal: blossoming as toddlers and taking their first steps into the world. This is how the first baby shoe by Zecchino d’Oro was born. Sturdy for protection, comfy for travel, beautiful, like a dream. This is a kind of magic, made from love and care, which renews season after season, thanks to the expert hands of the master craftsmen who support a multitude of children during their adventurous journey of growing up. A journey made of little things, which become precious, unforgettable memories.

This is the story of Zecchino d’Oro.
The story of everlasting magic.
The story of perpetual first times.

Tiny Dots Wonder is excited to bring the magic of Zecchino d’Oro shoes here to Singapore. Entirely made in Italy by experienced shoemakers, using top grade materials and hand-hemmed linings exclusively in calf. The patented insoles are hand-stitched from leather to facilitate the growth of a young child’s feet and to encourage proper posture.

Available exclusively at Takashimaya and in extremely limited quantities.